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What to do when someone faints

Fainting can happen to anyone at any time and no one really knows why exactly. There can be many possible causes such as stress, illness, blood pressure; lack of food and the list goes one. Whether or not a person faints depends on the individual and their tolerance levels in their body. What it important though is that others know what to do when someone faints in the workplace.

Signs to look out for

There are a few indicators or signs that a person may faint and it is important that you and your employees learn how to recognise these signs. If you and your employees know how to recognise the symptoms that preclude a possible fainting episode then you will be better prepared to help your colleague. These symptoms may include one or several of the following:

  • Nausea
  • Cold, clammy skin
  • Yawning
  • Vomiting
  • Slow pulse
  • Brief loss of consciousness


If a colleague or an employee faints at work then here’s what you should do:

  • Place the casualty on the floor with legs raised allowing blood to flow back to the brain. Note any change in the colour of their face and for any signs of recovery.
  • Slacken any tight or restrictive clothing
  • Ensure plenty of fresh air around the casualty
  • Give reassurance as recovery continues and allow them to sit up
  • If they do not regain consciousness then treat for unconsciousness and get medical help

Training your staff

In order for your staff to be able to deal with unexpected emergencies such as fainting is it important to provide them with regular health and safety training. This will give them the knowledge and skills to be able to deal with unexpected situations and ensure their safety and wellbeing is well taken care of. A health and safety consultant will often be able to come to your place of business in order to provide a full health and safety training course to all of your employees. This course should be repeated and refreshed regularly to ensure that your employees are trained in the latest techniques.

At Ifast our health and safety consultants can provide you and your employees with a full health and safety and first aid course to ensure that everyone is able to deal with an unexpected emergency in your workplace. The wellbeing of your employees is our priority and we can give you piece of mind that they are all trained to the best of their ability.