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Warning - Charging Mobile Phones Overnight

A common practice is to charge mobile phones overnight, beside the bed. This is not good practice and does pose a fire hazard.

A third of teenagers for example sleep with their mobile phone under a pillow, whilst 74% of Britons charge mobile phones in the bedroom.

Mobile phones generate heat and by covering them can prevent the heat escaping and increase the chance of overheating.

Charging a phone on a flat open space away from any flammables help reduce the chance of overheating.

Overcharging a can also be a problem resulting in an outbreak of fire. Lithium-ion batteries commonly used in mobile phones and may other household products do have safeguards built in but there is still a risk they may fail.

Apart from being a fire hazard, when a mobile phone is left switched on, sleep patterns can be disturbed with the sound of notifications and screen light.

Good practice is to have at least an hour of a ‘tech free zone’ to aid better sleeping.