Fire Safety Awareness Course
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Fire Safety Awareness Course

A very popular course of two hours duration.  This course combining theoretical and practical sessions will allow staff to respond effectively in dealing with a fire emergency.  All delegates receive a comprehensive course manual and a course certificate.  Everyone will be given the opportunity to use a fire extinguisher on a live controlled fire using our environmentally friendly fire simulation apparatus.  Not only will this course promote confidence in trained staff in dealing with a fire emergency it also ensures that employers are complying with relevant fire, health and safety legislation.

Subjects on the course include:

Training Room Session:

Why fire training
Fire legislation
Raising the alarm
Calling the fire brigade
Evacuation Procedures - Roll Call & Assembly Points
Theory of fire - Fire Triangle, Classes of Fire, Fire Spread & Extinction
Common causes of fire
Fire extinguisher types & uses
Fire Prevention
Viewing of an appropriate DVD

Live fire demonstration:

All popular types of portable fire extinguishers and a fire blanket demonstrated on realistic environmentally friendly fire simulation equipment. Delegates are invited to participate.

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