If you’re looking for fire safety training in Rotherham, or in fact any type of fire safety or health and safety training to make your workplace safer, then why not take a look at the courses Ifast have to offer. With years of experience in fire safety, health and safety and first aid, we offer a wealth of health and safety courses in Rotherham that can be tailored to your specific workplace, and in addition to this, we can run fire safety courses in Rotherham that mean your staff will be able to react quickly and stay safe in case of an emergency.

In an crisis, it’s essential that people know what to do, whether that’s in a fire or in case of an accident, and our range of courses that can be delivered in your workplace will equip your staff with the confidence they need to act calmly under pressure, in addition to reducing the risks of an emergency situation occurring. Whether it’s first aid, health and safety or fire extinguisher training in Rotherham you need, then we have professional staff that are experienced in delivering training that really educates your staff, and provides information in a memorable way to ensure this is carried into their day-to-day work.

In addition to all this, we think it’s wise to reduce risks within the workplace as well as training staff as to what to do in an emergency, so we also offer first aid and manual handling training in Rotherham so that you can work safely, yet still know what to do if something goes wrong.

In addition we also offer a range of other services including fire extinguisher supply and servicing, fire risk assessments and our latest service online training. These are mandatory courses including Abrasive Wheels, Asbestos, Asbestos for Architects & Designers, Manual Handling, Working At Height. These can be completed anytime 24/7 to meet individual and business needs.

Rest assured we have a service or training course that will assist you in meeting your fire or health and safety needs. Please contact us today.