Manual Handling Course

Manual Handling Course

Manual handling refers to a person lifting, carrying or supporting a weight of any kind. For example, this can include moving stock in a warehouse or lifting a box of paper and carrying it to the printer in the office. With back problems accounting for one third of employee absences in the UK every year, ensuring that your employees know how to lift and bare weight in a safe manner.

What does an ifast manual handling course involve?

The manual handling training course from Ifast is a half day course which can be delivered in your own workplace to save you having to get your employees to travel to us. It is vital that your employees know how to lift and carry loads of any weight without causing injury to themselves and our manual handling training gives workers the knowledge they need in order to be able to work safely and remain injury free. To make your workplace a healthier and safe environment, you should look at providing appropriate training to reduce the risk of injury in the form of a manual handling course. We offer a thorough manual handling course to businesses in the UK. With back problems accounting for one-third of workers’ absences in the UK it is vital all members of staff have the appropriate training to reduce the risk of any injuries causes by manual handling.

The course is designed to allow staff to undertake safe lifting and handling techniques by providing theoretical and practical exercises.

The course content includes:

  • Legislation - Understanding employer/employee obligations relating to manual handling
  • Anatomy & Spine - Basic knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and function of the spine
  • Principle of Manual Handling - Adopt safe lifting and handling techniques
  • Practical Exercises - Manual handling techniques

    The importance of avoiding injury

    Back injuries can be long lasting and result in employees needing to take several days off work. Treatment can be a long process resulting in more lost work days. Common injuries caused by incorrect lifting and handling techniques including slipped disks in the spine, damage to the anterior crucial ligament in the knee caused by over rotation or injuries to the neck, shoulders or hips. In essence, all major joints can be affected by improper manual handling.

    The manual handling training course from ifast is designed to provide workers with safe lifting and carrying practices using both theoretical and practical exercises. Provide your workers with a safer working environment by booking one of our consultants to deliver a thorough manual handling training course to your employees on a regular basis – the benefits to your business and your employees will be well worth it.