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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Courses - Latest Availability

We currently have places available on the following June & July 2024 courses. Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Course June - Wakefield & Basingstoke venues. Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Refresher June - Wakefield... read more »

Warning - Charging Mobile Phones Overnight

A common practice is to charge mobile phones overnight, beside the bed. This is not good practice and does pose a fire hazard. A third of teenagers for example sleep with their mobile phone under a pillow, whilst 74% of Britons charge mobile phones in the bedroom. Mobile phones generate... read more »

FEMC Updates

Good luck to all those attending our Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Course in Basingstoke this week. Well done to those who attended our Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Course (Refresher) in Wakefield. The are all now requalified for the next three years. 18/3/24 read more »

Don't Overload Your Sockets !!

Don't Overload Your Sockets !!

As a fire training provider we know at first hand that most people do not realise that they are overloading electrical sockets in their home. This is crucial for fire safety. We actually make reference to electrical safety on our training courses and delegates openly admit they have no idea... read more »

2024 Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Course Dates

We now have finalised 2024 dates for our fire extinguisher technical training courses. Please click on the relevant links below. Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Fire Extinguisher Maintenance - Refresher 19/12/23 read more »

SafeContractor Accreditation Renewed

We are pleased to report that we have succesfully renewed our SafeContractor accrediation. We have always taken Health & Safety, equal opportunities, diversity and environmental management practices seriously but to have a recognised accrediation in place offers customers and potential customers, an assurance we have procedures and practices in place... read more »

Time to review your fire risk assessment?

A fire risk assessment is a live ongoing document and needs to be reviewed regularly. The responsible person needs to arrange this. Even if there are no changes to the building a review still needs to be carried out. If alterations have been undertaken then... read more »

SafeContractor Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded SafeContractor accreditation. This accreditation showcases or commitment to Health & Safety in the workplace. Customers can rest assured that we are committed to sustainable and ethical practices and that we comply with the... read more »

E-Learning Price Reduction

Due to the ongoing lockdown that COVID-19 has brought about this has resulted with many companies requiring staff to work from home. Training in group settings is therefore difficult to achieve and for those still going to work social distancing can be problematic. read more »

Fund Raising Event

Our very own Alan Parr is about to embark on his annual charity fund raising event on the weekend of 6th & 7th July 2019. Alan is a trainer and fire risk assessor for the company and this year he will be raising funds for a local charity.  GAFIRS is... read more »