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2018 Dates - Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Courses

We now have our 2018 dates launched for the Extinguisher Maintenance Courses.  These course are held in the North & South of England.

Please click on the course titles for further information:

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Course
Refresher Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Course

Please note: Due to changes in recent British Standards if a Refresher Course has not been attended within 3 years of the last Refresher Course, or the original course whereby the basic qualification was obtained, then the original qualification will lapse.  The basic Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Course will have to be taken.  The course can be booked within the three year window and attended within 6 months of the last Refresher Course/basic qualification obtained.

Please note: Anyone who has to re-attend an examination after attending the basic course must do so within 12 months of the original assessment date otherwise any part of the assessment that was passed will lapse.