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Why your business should have a fire marshal

Fire safety should be of paramount importance to any business no matter how big or small. If you run an office for your employees than it is essential that you have trained staff on hand who are fully trained to deal with any fire emergency to help ensure the safety of your staff. While they are in your business premises, they are your responsibility.

Delegating a fire marshal

It’s good working practice to have fire marshals in the workplace.  These individuals will undertake extensive fire safety training in order for them to learn the skills required to help in an emergency. They will be expected to aid in evacuations and also trained on how to use a range of fire extinguishing equipment should it be safe to do so. They will routinely look for fire hazards and undertake fire prevention duties.   There is no set number of fire marshals required.  A fire marshal should be able to evacuate their area quickly.  In a large warehouse for example additional fire marshals will be required to ensure all areas are evacuated. Consideration should be given to appointing deputies to provide cover due to holidays and sickness.

Fire safety in the workplace

It is essential that all personnel undertake training on what to do in an emergency including your company’s evacuation procedure. A fire marshal may be able to assist in that essential training. Employees should always be made aware of the evacuation routes in case of an emergency so they can get themselves out and also guide any guests to your building should the occasion call for it. Disabled staff members may require assistance in a fire emergency so a risk assessment and health and safety procedure should be set out for this possibility.

Preparation is key

Fires can be devastating and life changing and they can also spread and intensify quickly. This is why it is so important to implement thorough fire safety training throughout your staff. While it is a good idea to designate fire marshals in your business to evaluate risks and lead the way in case of an emergency - it is imperative that all of your staff are trained and aware of what to do in case of a fire. Preparation and training can saves lives should the worst happen.