The Importance of Regular Fire Risk Assessments
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The Importance of Regular Fire Risk Assessments

If you are responsible for any commercial or business premises you will know that you have a legal obligation to conduct a fire risk assessment in order to identify hazards on the premises and risks to your employees.  It is essential that you do this to keep your premises and your staff safe and to ensure that your premises comply with current fire safety legislation.

A risk assessment should be undertaken by someone with relevant and up-to-date fire safety knowledge.  They will help identify all potential sources of ignition which could start a fire such as naked flames, hot surfaces like heaters, lighting, electrical equipment among others, plus any other potential fire hazards like welding and cutting equipment or anything which is used in your business processes.

It isn’t just heavy industry which is vulnerable to fire risk; all types of commercial, industrial and educational buildings all have risks that need to assessed.

People are at risk from fire.

A fire risk assessment is not only about evaluating risk from machinery or equipment.  It is also about getting procedures in place to warn people of an outbreak of fire and evacuating them safely from the building when necessary.  You will also need to know what to do if you have disabled employees or people with limited mobility visiting your premises.

Keep Your Fire Safety Equipment in Tip Top Condition.

When it comes to keeping people safe on your premises the main issue must concern the maintenance and usability of your fire safety equipment.  This means keeping all fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire alarms regularly serviced and maintained.  To this end it is advisable to consult with the experts on this subject.  An experienced and knowledgeable fire risk assessor can advise on things like where to place fire safety equipment for optimum access and can offer advice on the best fire safety training course for your needs.

In carrying out a risk assessment, working with your designated person of responsibility, he or she will undertake a full survey of your premises and may identify potential hazards which you may not have thought of.  The assessor can then compile a report and assist you in implementing any recommendations.

Aside from the legal obligation, conducting a fire risk assessment and keeping it relevant is an essential part of keeping your employees and your business safe so why not talk to us and see what we can do to help you.